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Research Overview

A highly interdisciplinary area, application-specific integrated biocircuits (ASIbioCs) are the biological implementation of the ASIC concept using living cells and customized for particular biomedical applications. Fundamental approaches for ASIbioCs include, but not limited to, microfabrication, tissue engineering, biomaterials, stem cell biology, synthetic biology, and developmental engineering. We are pioneering the science and engineering of ASIbioCs with a focus on three goals:

  • Develop ASIbioCs as implantable medical devices for treatment, restoration, and augmentation to body functions;
  • Develop ASIbioCs as scientific tools to facilitate novel biomedical research; and
  • Study biological principles, systems, and functions through the engineering of ASIbioC models.

We approach these goals from four synergistic aspects:

  • Fabrication method
  • Circuit design
  • Simulation
  • Theory

Please find more about our ASIbioC research here: